Friday, September 21, 2007

Don't Put a Triceratops in Your Pants

How's that for a strange sentence? I find that as a parent I say the most ridiculous things sometimes. Here's the conversation I had with Paris on the way home from school today. (She got a wind up triceratops toy from the treasure chest for getting a sticker in her chart every day.)

Paris: Mommy, do you know where I put the triceratops that's funny?

Me: Where?

Paris: Under my panties!

Me: I don't think that's a very good place for a triceratops.

Paris: I didn't put him IN my panties where my lady parts are. I put him UNDER my panties. (she was wearing a skirt with built-in shorts)

Me: I still don't think that's a very good place for a triceratops.

Paris: But Mommy, it's like a tunnel!

Me: Paris, don't put a triceratops in your pants.

Paris: OK.

Won't she just die one day if she realizes how many stories of hers I blogged about?


Stephanie said...

That's funny! You can keep all the Paris stories and put them in a little scrapbook type thing and give them to her when she is old enough to enjoy them, like say when she is a mommy. Have a great weekend.

Mary Lou said...

When I taught Kindergarten, my brother in law thought it was funny that I had to tell my students, "Please, don't eat the Nerf balls." To my own children it was, "Don't put Bristle Blocks in your nose." Yes, moms can say some funny things.