Friday, August 10, 2007

Vocabulary Lesson

Vivian asked me to post some of her latest vocab acquisitions so that in the event you are nearby you will be able to understand and grant her every wish and desire. Here you go......

"Muh Muh" = More when accompanied by the sign for more. Occasionally it also means milk - which she will sign as well.

"Mama" = me of course!

"Cah-bu" = Cowboy our sweet little dog

"Dog dog" (prounounced without a distinct "g" sound) = any other dog and sometimes Cowboy

"Sna!" = give me my snack now (usually reserved for the church nursery)

"Nigh nigh" = usually in response to "are you ready for night night?" and clearly means yes, please take me to bed

"Bye bye" = self explanitory

"Dada" = that's my Smooch of course!

"Dadoh" = that would be my dad commonly known as Dadoo around here

"Dahpuh" = diaper, as in thank you for my clean one

"Bubba" or sometimes "Dibbuh" = her brother Tripper

"Tay too" = thank you (one of her favorites)

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (visualize arm flapping and feet clapping with it) = Clearly I am not full so you need to find something else to feed me. I don't care if you are out of food. Just find something and put it in my mouth. Now!

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (when not in high chair) = Paris, I know you love me. But serisouly, you are gonna have to BACK OFF!!!!

"Hah" (think hat with a silent t) = her version of Hi, this is a new greeting for her

and my personal favorite...............

"Ah Stidi" = Excuse me. Yes, you there. I have pooped in my diaper and it smells. You need to change it now or I will begin screaming and crying.


Nellie's Nuggets said...

I think I am familiar with all of these! Can't wait to see her walk this weekend.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the translation. Now I can better accommodate her when I have her. Have a great weekend!

debralynne said...

too cute!

Robinson Family said...

Precious...that's a pretty sizable vocabulary, Viv! (And I agree with you Sarah, the last one is priceless!)

Jason said...

Whew. I was really sweating the Vivian vocabulary test. Now, when we meet, hopefully I'll be prepared...

Seriously, I'm impressed that she's so enthusiastic about diaper changes and so polite and thankful about it!