Friday, August 03, 2007

Seriously Silly

Yesterday was a funny day around here. Great things happened and some just plain silly things happened. Paris' friend Hannah (who is moving on Saturday) spent the whole day (and night!)with us. V went to hang out with "Ms. Stephie" for a while and Paris, Hannah, Tripp and I went to the movies to see Charlotte's Web. Tripp had to make 3 potty runs during the movie, but he told me every time. I was proud. After that we picked up V and headed home for lunch and playtime. Tripp had a haircut appt. at 4:15 - we went and took all 4 kids! I apologized to both our stylist and her mom that runs the shop. It really wasn't all that bad, but I'm sure they would have preferred to not have two 5 year olds having a flip flop flipping contest in their waiting area.

Anyway, the fun started after we got home from there. Tripp came running through the room and shouted in has amazingly cute Tripp voice, "Hallo Hala Balala!" (we call Hannah "Hannah Banana" around here) I didn't even know he actually knew who she was! It was precious. Then my sweet V decided to make a milestone day out of it. She cut another tooth. I saw her bend down from a free standing postion, pick up a toy, and stand back up without ever sitting down. And then she really blew the top off the day by taking steps!!!!!!! For those of you unaware, we've been waiting patiently for this day. She's over 15 months old and was refusing to walk unless she had hold of at least your finger. Well, it seems she finally relalized she could move without a pinky grip. It was the cutest most amazing thing to watch. She then proceded to "walk" to me several times, twice for Paris, and once for her Daddy. Awesome!

My favorite stories for the day come from the late evening grocery store trip the big girls and I took. Paris has a Video Now Jr. that she watches shows on when we travel. She calls it a Nick Jr. because all the shows she watches are Nick Jr. shows. I hadn't taken it out the car yet from her Graggie-Dadoo vacation so she and Hannah were "sharing" it. On the way to the store Hannah starts watching a Dora video. This is what I heard:

Dora: We need to save the prince! Will you help me save the prince?

Hannah: I will! I'll help save the prince too!

Paris: No you won't.


Hannah: Yes I will.

Paris: (with attitude and indredulity) Are you in the Nick Jr?

Funny!!! Then as we approached the grocery store I hear this:

Paris: Hannah, look it's the store. I see the sign. Look! It says "A" "Chee" "B"!!! (I start laughing as I realize my daughter just invented a new letter in the alphabet)

Hannah: Paris it says "H" "E" "B".

Paris: That's what I said Hannah! We're going to "HEB" (all run together this time) - that means the grocery store!

Kids crack me up! I don't know what time they went to sleep. At 11:00 I told them to close their peepers because mommy/Ms. Sarah was going to bed. No one got up after that so hopefully they didn't stay up much later chatting! Enjoy your Friday!!


Stephanie said...

Yea Vivie!!!! I'm so proud of her! I can't wait to see her! I'm glad that Hannah and Paris got some time together before Hannah left. I'm going to miss them so much. See you later.

jenny said...

Well, I enjoyed all those stories about children I know! I knew they were moving, but I din't know when! :-(

Jason said...

That's so funny. Kari and I wanted to start a book of all the funny things Aidan said, but we never got around to it. The title, however, would have been "I don't drink beer anymore, and other Aidan-isms".

Robinson Family said...

What a great day...way to go, Tripp! And Vivie, already trying to top her big brother! LOVED the Nick Jr. story...funny!! Thanks for the grins.