Friday, February 09, 2007

A Quiet Morning

Vivie got up "early" this morning to eat and go back to bed. I used the time while the kids were still in bed to take a shower in peace. I even fixed my hair! So, it's been pretty quiet around here. Quiet, but not silent. Here are five things I've already said on my very quiet morning (note, it is not yet 8:00 AM):

1. Hello my sweet. (to Vivie as I picked her up out of bed)
2. Morning Goose. (to Paris when she got up and came into my bathroom)
3. Paris, that's too loud. (as she was making a VERY obnoxious noise VERY loudly)
4. Paris, don't speak to your brother that way. (as she was screaming at him to move out of her way to see the TV)
5. Well, let me know when you're hungry. (To Paris after she explained that she was NOT going to try the stuffing from the chicken dish I made for dinner last night. She was reminded about how she got sick last time she tried to not eat what we made. She is still standing firm that she will not try the stuffing "for breakfast or lunch or dinner or breakfast or lunch or dinner." Wish me luck.)

And just so you know, I did speak to Tripp when he got up. We had our usual morning greeting of "Hey bubba. Let's go potty."

I wish you a happy, peacful, and quiet Friday.

Just for those wondering, she ate the stuffing at lunch. Her will isn't lasting as long as it used to!


jenny said...

Paris even mentioned something in class yesterday about not trying the "brown chicken" and then she got sick because she had refused to eat the whole serving. Someone else said, "Brown chicken? I haven't even ever heard of that before!" It was totally funny!

Robinson Family said...

Good luck Sarah...I know our days of dealing with a stubborn, picky eater are probably coming...I'm proud of you for standing firm--I know its gotta be rough!

Nellie said...

You go, girl! That's as in you, Sarah. I think sticking to your guns over the ham really made an impact.

Give my Princess, Prince and Duchess a kiss from Graggie!

Stephanie said...

Way to go Sarah! Glad she finally ate. Have a great weekend. See you Sunday.

me said...

Mmm, aren't the eating habits of our children fun. Congratulations on getting her to eat it.