Thursday, August 17, 2006

Schedule, What Schedule?

OK, I know this title was on the list I put out a few posts ago, but this is a completely different topic than I had in mind then. The title just seemed to fit so I'm using it.

It's been an interesting week sind my children came home from there week long vacation with my folks. Viv and I got used to the slow pace we kept while the "big kids" were away. I'm a little tired from the return of full-on parenting of three. I did, however, do something that has made life eaiser.

While the kids were off playing and having fun I made a schedule. Now, I know there are some out there that would say this was way to anal-retentive of me. Anyone who knows me should know that my AR tendencies are random and have diminished since giving birth to my firstborn. The schedule is one of the few things I've done in the recent past that would even fall into that category. It does indeed start at 6:00 am and end at 11:00 pm, broken into half hour increments. Some things that made the schedule are times for food (meals and snacks), times for sleep, times when TV is allowed or not, crafting time, family time, bath time, etc... There is even a list under the schedule of "Mommy's Chores" that sort of splits things up into a managable system for keeping up with the cleaning and laundry. It's a great backbone for my days. It has even helped with Paris' whining issues because now I can say "Let's look at the schedule and see. No, it's not TV time you'll have to wait."

So, how has the week gone since they got back? Monday - great! Tuesday - started great. Tuesday afternoon Paris spiked a 103 fever. She does this on occasion so I wasn't to worried, but an hour after Motrin it had gone up, not down. We still managed to keep some semblance of routine/schedule that day. Vivian also decided that she was not really interested in eating a decent amount - I was a little concerned since it was the second day she was only "snacking" but I figured she was maybe just tired. And then Wednesday came....

Paris starts the day at 103 with a little cough. I call and get her an appointment at 1:20. I take the little ones to my friend Stephanie so I can go see my OB/GYN. It is SO pleasant to go to the lady doctor with a feverish four year old. Vivie was still not eating well, hadn't pooped in a week, and seemed to be messing with an ear a lot so I called and got her in at the same time as Paris' appointment. Had lunch at my friends and waited around there until it was time to take them in. Take all three children into Scott & White (Tripp was just along for the ride). The doc says everything looks OK. Paris most likely just has a virus and is doing that Mystery Fever thing she does and Vivie might have a touch of a tummy bug making her not hungry, but nothing he could find was actually wrong. We come and put everyone down for rest and feed the baby. Vivie ate like a champ and filled her diaper with poop. She now owes me $30 for the wasted co-pay. By the time Easy got home it was just nuts around here. I didn't even start dinner until he got home. No chores got done and I thought to myself, "Schedule, what schedule?"

God - thank you so much for teaching me that just because I have a schedule doesn't meant I HAVE to stick to it. Thank you for growing in me a tolerance for chaos, patience for sick kids, and the ability to laugh at my AR tendencies. Help me today to play "catch up" around my house and to maintain my desire to stop and have crafting time with my kids. It really is fun.


Robinson Family said...

As a fellow member of AR Annoymous (Oops! There goes my annoynonimity!), I have to applaud you for your taking life as it came today and knowing when to kick the schedule.

Good luck with the fevers, hope everyone is on the mend.

Robinson Family said...

And for the record, I CAN spell anonymous...but Jason has informed me on more than one occassion that my AR tendancies are annoying, so there's the reason for my typo--total subconcious.

Kyle said...

I am 27. I always just remember that you are one year older than Jason. Which would make you...ooohh. Ouch. Just kiddding. You're not old. If you're old then I'm almost old. And that it ain't.

BTW I didn't read your blog. But I will.