Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Time Flies

It's hard to beleive little Viv is alread 51/2 weeks old. It's been pretty crazy around here, but we're holding our own. Here's the latest update on things: (and I promise to go back to writing witty and sometimes thought provoking posts after we get moved and settled in the new house)

Vivian: Growing like a weed. We've been battling a pretty bad case of eczema. It is finally getting better, but it took a while. She had it all over her little face, ears, neck and shoulders. Her face is cleared up but now we're fighting it in other areas. She also had to go see an ENT today. Viv failed her hearing test in the hospital and again at 4 weeks. After our visit this morning we discovered she has an ear infection in one ear - and may have even had one in both last week when she failed the test. So, we're doing antibiotics and have appoitnments to follow up and retest her hearing toward the end of June. We know she hears loud noises - you should see her jump when Easy sneezes! She also seems to quiet down to singing and responds to Paris' voice so we aren't too concerned at this point.

Tripp - teething like crazy. If those bottom molars don't break through soon I think I might go nuts. He is cranky and cries a lot. He's also adding words to his vocabulary. His most recent additions are bubble and car. He has also begun to push back when Paris is holding on to him or trying to wrestle with him. I think she has a rude awakening in her near future when he realizes he can fight back.

Paris - doing great. She misses school already and she really wants to move to the new house. We go from having wonderful fun together to her being a total pill and back to fun several times a day. She would love to be the one in charge of either Tripp or Vivian and doesn't seem to fully understand why that's not such a good idea. I keep telling her she doesn't have any milk to feed the baby and she just looks at me and says "You do that part silly!" We are planning to get her a fish for her birthday so maybe the concept of responsibility will start to sink in after that. As of now, all she knows she is responsible for is keeping up with Badges (her little stuffed dog) and he gets lost...A LOT!

Easy - working like a dog trying to get the house done.

Me - hanging in and smiling most days. Thank goodness for a good mom that lets me call and talk to her every day if I need to hear a grown-up voice or have someone give me a bit of perspective.

House - coming along. The cabinets should be here tomorrow. The floors are almost all done - just need to grout one bathroom. Easy says moving on the 17th is still a go. Keep praying.

In other news - I'm planning to attend a summer study on Psalms on Wednesday mornings at church. I've missed the structured study time I used to have before I started working childcare during Ladies' Class so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also planning to attend a knitting class at church on Wednesday nights. It's called Threads of Love - we learn to knit, study scriptures, and in the end we donate a blanket we have made to Hope Pregnancy Center (I think). Well, Viv is stirring so I better wrap this up. I'll try to post again soon.


Nellie said...

Can hardly wait to get you guys moved in at the new house. God is so good! Give the Princess, the Prince, and the baby Duchess a kiss from Graggie!

ML said...

I'm impressed with you. I remember what it was like to have 3 little ones at home. And that middle one was a lot to keep up with! Glad that Vivi's hearing seems to be working and hearing noises. That's good. A new house and a new baby...whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. Hang in there. God be with you.

Traca said...

Glad things are going well even though I know it gets crazy at times. Try putting breastmilk on little Vivian's eczema. I'm told it works wonders! Just one more reason to nurse those babies!