Thursday, December 08, 2005

What a Week!

Man has it been a crazy are my highlights:

Saturday: High of 89 degrees! We started the process of cleaning the house so we could put up Christmas decorations. This was a three day process. The cleaning on Saturday required music...that's how dirty my house was. i laughed at myself as I loaded some of my favorites into the the CD player. First up was The Police. Jennifer, my sitter and hire for whatever I need person, was here working with me. She had never heard of The Police and was shocked to discover how many of their songs she knew and liked. She also didn't know Sting was their front man. I am getting old, very old.

Sunday: High in the upper 50's. Work at early service at church, go to class, come home and prepare dishes for Christmas party in Centerville that starts at 3pm. Do more cleaning and give Jennifer a list of what to do while we are gone. Come home to a clean house around 8pm and begin decorating after kids are in bed.

Monday: High in the 60's. Normally my stay at home day. Had to pick up an estimate for parts of the new house, as well as some items I ordered from a friend. Attempt to clean the childrens' rooms - fail miserably. Apparently it is impossible to clean a 3 year old's room when she and her little brother are at home. That was a wasted hour and a half. Tripp's room got straightened but has yet to be really cleaned. Sniffles start for all but Easy. Have dinner hot when Easy gets home. Put up tree and decorate after kids are in bed.

Tuesday: High in the 50's. Sonshine school for Paris. Hobby Lobby for needed supplies to complete Christmas presents. Tripp is crashing so grocery store must wait. He continues in a very cranky and clingy fashion ALL afternoon. Find out there are "a couple" of cases of Mono at Sonshine School. Grocery store gets done around 6:30 after Easy gets home. At least I only took Paris with me. I hate going to the store at night. One of the perks of being a stay-home mom is getting to grocery shop in the morning when no one is there. I made up for this slightly by parking in the "reserved for Expetant Mothers" spot at HEB. Sniffles are worse.

Wednesday: High in the 40's. Paris wakes up at 5:15 am. Work my last day of Ladies' Bible Class - I'm the childcare coordinator. Hold Tripp almost the ENTIRE two and a half hours I am there so he doesn't scream. Close out the nursery and assess what needs to be done before next semester starts. Make appointment for Tripp. Go to playgroup at friend's house - we are the only ones who show up so it's a small crowd but a welcome fun spot during the day. Take two small children out in the beginning of a winter storm so Tripp can see our awesome pediatrician. Take children to pharmacy to drop off perscription (he has an ear infection and cold). Decide Daddy can pick it up later since there are no seats available. Have dinner hot for Easy. Realize at 8pm that I can not locate the syringe thing that we use to give babies medicine so I have to get dressed - yes, I was already in pajamas - and go to the pharmacy in the midst of worsening winter storm. The Burb was already iced over. Go to bed "early" only to have Paris start crying because she can't breathe through her nose. Administer medicince to mostly sleeping 3 year old and let her lay in my bed until it kicks in. Easy works in the office until 2:30 AM. Not much sleeping going on.

Thursday: Highs in the 30's. Wake up to an ice covered world. Kids seem to be feeling OK and the roads are clear so we get ready for Sonshine School. At 8:30 I go out to start the Burb so it can be warming up and defrosting only to find out I can't get the doors open. They are indeed frozen shut. I tried the tap water deal to no avail. Break it to Paris that she won't get to go to school today. The rest of the day has been pretty good - managed to get the burb open around 10:30 so I could get my hair cut at 11:00 - of course that meant taking BOTH kids with me. My stylist is a saint. She even helped me bundle them back up when we were done. Needless to say we ALL took big naps this afternoon.

Friday: Still stinking COLD. Having friends over for lunch and dinner so it will be a busy one!

Saturday: Not sure about the weather - I can't plan that far ahead. Meeting in Houston so Mom is coming to watch the kids. She's a saint too.

I'm tired. Please note that Paris' room is still not straight or clean and Tripp's room isn't clean. I haven't done any laundry until today and that's mainly because I'm out of pants. I can't even fathom what life with three children and a house twice this size is going to be like. I think I will be tired a lot.

I would like to amend Thursdays comments to add 3 episodes of puking between the hours of 9 & 11 pm. Paris seems to be fine now. I spoke with our friends and the playdates are still on. We are all hoping it was just something she ate. Since it seemed to fit with the theme of my week I though I should add it to the list.


paula said...
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paula said...

It sounds like we have had the same week! My Sam is on of the "couple" from Sonshine School with mono. So, what I thought was going to be a nice, relaxing last three weeks of this pregnancy turned into one doctor visit after another and being confined to the house! I hope that your weekend is MUCH better and the kiddos feel good!

MDH said...

So when the kids want to go somewhere..."sorry guys the door is frozen."

But when Mommy needs a haircut..."hand me that ice pick Paris."


sarahdawn said...

OK, seriously...Tripp was napping and the weather had warmed up significantly by the time I had to defrost the car for my hair appointment....which by the way had ben rescheduled twice due to sick kids. And it is really no treat to get your eybrows waxed with a 3 year old and 1 year old watching. "Miss KoKo, what are you doing to Mommy?" Really, not fun.

MDH said...

I'll take your word for it. I only have my eyebrows trimmed, not waxed.