Tuesday, December 08, 2009

State Autism Conference

Well, it's been way too long since I posted. I guess good intentions don't actually get the blog written..........

Easy and I attended the Texas Autism Conference last week in Corpus Christi. Thank you TEA for doing this conference, and thank you CSISD Head Start for helping Easy and me get there! If you've never been to one of these things let me tell you - it's long, and exhausting, and well worth every minute. I wouldn't say that we really learned a lot of NEW things this year, but we definitely were reminded of some important things, and have realized that there are a lot more ways to implement that knowledge than we have been doing.

It was really nice to have Easy there with me this year. Usually I attend these things alone and then have to come back and fill him in. It's nice to avoid that teacher/student dynamic this time. I don't like telling my husband what we need to do anymore than I imagine he likes being told. You can really be a more effective team when you both get the same information. Plus, we get different things out of each session so it's nice to have that extra set of ears and his amazingly complicated brain right there with me.

While we were gone something really cool happened - Tripp had a phone conversation with me!!!! Apparently he heard me on the speaker phone talking to Vivie and he walked up to Mom and told her he "would like to speak to Mommy." Then he got on the phone and we had a converstation. A real converstaion! Complete with give and take, appropriate inflection, questions & answers - it was AMAZING!!!

The girls did well while we were away as well. I wish Paris did as well for me as she does for my mom. The last two mornings have been rough. I know that she used to be capable of getting up, getting dressed, and coming to breakfast. Not so much these days. It's like she is having sensory storms in the morning or something. Either that or she has me completely snowed and is just being a pill. Not sure which - and that's the hardest part of raising Paris. I never know which it is. Is it the autism or the 7 year old? And how exactly do you create and maintain consitent parenting strategies when you have a non-compliant 7 year old Aspie, a compliant 5 year old Aspie, and a totally nuerotypical 3 1/2 year old who is learning behaviors from the other two? If anyone has ideas please let me know. Right now it consists of a lot of prayer, and a tremendous amount of effort to maintain a neutral tone in my voice. Sometimes that works, sometimes not.

Looks like I'm spiraling away from the positive so I'll go for now. Be praying for us. Paris' inital ARD is schedule for Wed. the 16th. Also just found out today that it looks like we are going to have to find a new psychologist and developmental pediatrician for P&T. Please pray God shows us exaclty where we need to go.


Nellie said...

The only reason Paris does well for me is that I'm there short term. :) If I were there every day I'd catch the same grief.

You are doing a great job with them, Sarah!! I stand in awe of all that you do my sweet girl. I know it's hard and most folks have no idea how stressful it can be at your house sometimes. Keep holding on to the One who gives you strength. :)

About Me said...

You are doing a great job my friend! :) Not many people (including myself) could do what you do with such grace.
And if this helps at all....my 6 & 7 year old have the same tendencies that P has in the mornings. Mine use to be capable as well, but it must be that time of the year or something. It's fun! :) Praying for you. Don't forget those precious angels were created just as they are by Almighty God for a reason. Seek Him for the strength you need! Love you friend. xoxo