Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, I am at home with a puny Paris today. Tripp was home Monday due to fever on Sunday. Paris came home from school Monday with fever. T went back to school yesterday - on his birthday! How is it possible that my baby boy is 5?!?! Anyway, I thought Paris would go back to school today, but she was up in the middle of the night with about a 100.5ish temp and a headache so I let her stay home again. Is anyone else tired of having sick kids? I am seriously tired of this.

Paris made me laugh yesterday. I had my hair pulled back on the side with a clip. I don't think I've worn it like that in a really long time. When Paris got up and looked at me she kinda stopped, cocked her head, and said,"You look....different. It's like (pause) it's like you have Vivie's face with your hair in that clip." I guess she is just now noticing how much Vivie and I look alike. And sweet Paris, I think Vivie has my face, not the other way around. :-)

Speaking of Sweet V, she's doing great. Apparently her immune system is made of steel - she hasn't had so much as a sniffle in the midst of all this sickness. She's enjoying school though she keeps coming home with bruises. Yesterday she had to little purple-ish spots on her cheek which she insisted were from being pinched by a classmate. Turns out she was painting with purple paint. I suppose someone else could have had paint on their fingers and pinched her - she was very consistent with her story. The marks washed off though so I'm not too worried about it. Her other antics as of late include an increase in her "hiding problem." We've always known that Vivie likes to hide things - she once hid my Nana's room key in her chip cabinet and we couldn't find it for a week. A couple of days ago I was doing the dishes and I hear a faint voice say "You'll never find it." I turn to see what she's up to and she has Tripp's "not fuzzy Elmo" and is stuffing it behind my reading chair. I called her name and she jumped, turned to look at me, and says in her very sweet voice,"You can get it Mommy." Turkey.

And to explain the "not fuzzy Elmo".........Tripp has 2 big Elmo pillows. He got the first one when he was about 18 months old. He had already developed a love of the little red monster so Nana bought him this life-size Elmo pillow. The next Christmas he got another one from her because he loved the first one so much that he had totally flattened it out and it had lost it's soft fuzzy feel. He accepted the new one into his life, but refused to sleep with it insisting on "old Elmo" at bedtime. So, now he's 5 and he still sleeps with both of them in his bed. When he was sick with croup a few weeks ago he starts running around the house looking for Old Elmo. "Mommy, where is my Elmo?" I told him to go look in his bed. He ran in his room, stopped abruptly, pointed at the Elmo in his bed and stated with disgust "THAT Elmo is fuzzy." He left the room and continued searching for Old Elmo. We finally found it, stuffed behind the couch - gee, I wonder who put it there. Turkey.

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Stephanie said...

Hope Paris feels better soon. That Vivie! She is something else, my little firecracker! Glad that Tripp is feeling better. Praying that you stay well now.