Monday, December 03, 2007


As opposed to Decisions. Here's the scoop - Vivie is holy cow attached to her paci. She's not our first to be a paci baby. I've been saying that Paris took one until about 15 months, but the more I'm thinking about it, it may have been more like 21. I took hers away because she started biting the tip off and I was afraid she would choke on it. We "oops" forgot them all at Nana's over a weekend trip. For some reason I'm remembering that being in the spring which would have put her at 21-ish, not 15. What can I say, after three kids my brain just ain't what it used to be. Anyway, Tripp spit his out at 4 months. So, it's been a really long while since I had to think about when to take a paci.

We had gotten V down to just nap and bedtime before school started. Then circumstances changed (read: I caved in) and she started getting it in the car while we were in line to pick up Paris, and in the car on the way to drop off Paris. Then she got sick and "needed" it. So now it is just a permanent fixture in her mouth. She actually prefers one in the mouth and one in the hand. I've even seen her put two in the mouth - it's quite a sight. So my plan has been to take the paci away over Christmas break. But I find myself, well, not wanting to.

She screams. I forgot to give her one at naptime once and she was nearly hyperventilating by the time I got to her. She'll lay there for a little while and listen to her music, but it only lasts a few minutes and she wants her paci. She can even say paci. Sometimes she holds her hand out with her palms up and says, " Where's a paci?" If she sees a paci and it does not land in her mouth within 15 seconds she will scream, slap at her mouth/face, and has even writhed on the floor. Ask Stephanie - she saw it.

So, here's the delimma. Am I being silly wanting to take her paci before she's ready? Does she need it or has it become a control issue? Should I wait until she's a bit older and we can use logic in this process instead of just being the mean mommy who throws out all the pacis? If I let her keep them and we potty train over spring break (serisouly, she already tells you when she's gone) and then take the paci will she regress and pee on the carpet? Am I over thinking?

Input people, I need input.


paula said...

I am right there with you Sarah. Philip is our fourth binky kid and he is none to ready to give it up (we are thinking Santa is going to take them all away). But, as you know from watching him, he is a "bit" attached to them - understatement of the year. I say if she is talking fine and it's not hurting anything - let it ride. Oh, and by the way - I saw Philip walk through the house with THREE in his mouth the other day. Pure indulgence :). Love ya!

Robinson Family said...

Norah will be 2 next month, and she still insists on having hers anytime she gets in bed. (And I've had to go on several 2am paci rescue ops when she's lost it)

When I was pregnant with her (and had all the answers), the plan was to take it away when she turned 1., I'm just glad she goes to sleep at night. I figure we'll "pull the plug" when she's know, as long as it's before she starts high school or anything.

I have entertained the idea of conning her into thinking "baby brother" needs the pacis, but I wonder if this would make her resent him...

Stephanie said...

Love you and I have no advice at all.

debralynne said...

We're having the same problem w/Kacie. I hope you can make the transition smoothly. Let me know how it goes. Love to you all.

Nellie's Nuggets said...

All the grandmas I know say let it ride for now. I never saw a kid come to kindergarten with a paci! And I've seen LOTS of kids come to kindergarten!!!

Maybe just start moving in the direction of having her paci just for bedtime by the time she is two.

Love you!

Marlin said...

I know we discussed this a bit at book club, but here's my 2 cents worth - though it goes against the grain of everyone else whose written in. . . I took Rebekah's away at 15 months because it was a game to her to throw it and such and watch mommy go get it. She did use it at bed, but if it fell out I'd be in there 2 and 3 times at night to help her find it. You need to make the decision based on your sanity because it doesn't sound like this is really a need for Viv at this point. I got tired of getting up and down and playing the game; I was exhausted, so I just chunked them - all at once. My mom said it typically takes about 3 days of hell before them to get over it, so she suggested starting on a Thursday. That way if you lost sleep, it would only be 1 day of work that you'd be tired and then sleep in on the weekend, etc. Each child is different, so go with your gut. You've got all kinds of advice, but in reality, you know her best. :) Lara

jenny said...

Here's what we did (and there are no passies in sight now!!).

J never took one. Never. He would have been better off if we tried to get him to take one, though!

Baby #2, she loved them, two at a time; one in the mouth, one in each hand; I've seen all that, too. We were pretty strict about keeping them in the bed all the time, but I don't remember going in the night much to plug her up again. I kept a few in there at arm's reach or something.

But B was OVER 3 when Larry finally was strong enough to take them away. She was also about 3 when she potty trained. She was perfectly articulate, she was progressing well, she didn't seem to be messing her teeth up. (Am I a slacker Mom or what?)

But that 3 day hell---that seems about right. Just pick your time when you're ready for the screaming, I guess!