Friday, November 18, 2005

Magic Words

I went to the doctor today. Looks like little Foster is growing right on schedule. I'm in the midst of the really quick, "everything looks good" series of visits. No tests, no bloodwork. Just your basic weigh-in and blood pressure. Of course, we did hear the heartbeat. That's always amazing. The little munchkin was quite active and made my doctor chase around to catch the heartbeat. It doesn't matter how many times you hear it, that little pulsing, swooshing sound just takes your breath away. I wish I could say that was my favorite part of the visit today...but it wasn't.

My favorite part involved those amazing magical words that all pregnant women want to hear. The doctor is looking over my chart, studying my numbers and lab results, and then she says it..."weight looks good." Do you hear the angels singing? I did.

I was a bit concerned, as most women are, that I was perhaps ballooning a little too fast. Craving M&Ms hasn't helped. I keep telling myself that I'm not really eating that much, but it's hard to be convincing when my belly is clearly protruding. So, today was a relief. A pound a week at this point is what the "experts" say is OK and that's exactly what I did.

It was just a nice reminder that God engineered my body to work a certain way and as long as I'm listening to it (and Him) I'll be fine. Sometimes my body craves M&Ms, sometimes broccoli or soy milk, and yes, sometimes a peanut butter, mayo, and pickle sandwich. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?


Sarah P said...

I love it!! Is the official name Foster now? That's cute. Glad to hear you're enjoying your pregnancy!!
I hope we get to spend time with you guys over Christmas. Go to B-town!
Have a great weekend!
Yeah baby Foster!
Sarah P

sarahdawn said...

SarahP -

Well, we know the last name is Foster! I'll be in B-town with the kids the whole week before Christmas right on through the holiday itself. Easy will be there with us the holiday weekend, so I hope we can hook up with you guys at some point!

Sarah P said...

Brock laughed at me for saying that about "Foster." Sometimes I'm such a blonde.
Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Deana Nall said...

Hey, "Foster Foster" has a nice ring. I like it.

They say when you crave something, it's because your body needs it. So go ahead, Sarah, eat those M&Ms. You NEED them!